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After building my own startup from zero to 8-figures as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and 20+ yr in marketing, I have the answers you seek (and the battle scars to prove it). Come to the Academy and I'll get you back on the right track, with a clear plan to drive business and peace of mind that you will never struggle again. My specialities are passive income, strategy, and automation.



Meet Krista, Business Mentor, Fractional CMO, and Entrepreneur



I began my career in Silicon Valley in Product Marketing and Product Management, working for B2B SaaS companies (Oracle and Autodesk). My sub-specialties are CRM, Education, Localization, and Globalization. Then in 2005, I became a founding partner of a digital VR/3D/Video agency, Transparent House, which services Fortune 500 companies and grew it to 8-figures and over 4 offices with a stellar reputation for quality and creativity. In 2017, I sold my shares and have been B2B consulting and coaching ever since under my own company, Krista Mollion LLC. My audience is influencers, ambitious mid-to-senior level career professionals, and small business owners, coaches, and consultants. I help them define and plan out a strong content marketing strategy, build self-confidence and set up marketing systems and sales pages that translate into profits.

My career highlights are:

📌 Built an 8-figure VR/3D agency from scratch with no previous background in that industry and no outside funding
📌 Beat out well-established competitors who had worked in the industry much longer for key clients such as Apple and HP
📌 Grew the agency from zero dollars to 8 figures in two years
📌 Grew 4 offices worldwide
📌 Hired over 100 people over 12 years, both in-house and as contractors
📌 Managed staff remotely with very little turnover and never missed a deadline
📌 Grow a B2B consultancy to 7 figures with zero employees and no paid advertising
📌 Writing my first book now on business growth

The soft skills/extras that help me in my career:

🔵 I connect with people, easily and deeply, both in-house and on the client-side as well as partners for my target industries. This includes social selling and networking, both in-person and online

🔵 I know B2B SaaS Marketing better than most, having worked in Silicon Valley with hundreds of companies as a Product Manager and through my agency and then consulting as a PM and Marketer, so I am well-connected and knowledgeable

🔵  I am a visionary who always looks for new sales opportunities, both clients and products. Example: When the Real Estate Development market tanked in 2009, I had luckily worked hard two years prior to establish clients in Education and Healthcare for my agency and while many of our competitors went out-of-business or had significant layoffs, we thrived through the crisis.

🔵  I am a life-long learner and invest a portion of my income every year back to learning new skills for my own professional and personal growth. I push myself outside my comfort zone to learn new skills.

🔵  I am a writer and write 10,000 words every day, 7 days weekly. I write mostly about Entrepreneurship and Personal Development but I also write Fiction and Poetry and am currently working on my memoir about growing up with a difficult childhood. Please follow me on Linkedin or Medium.

🔵  I love public speaking, pitching, and presenting and feel comfortable on-stage

🔵  I have a podcast and a Youtube channel that aren't yet a regular thing but I intend to grow.



-As an empath, I practice good listening, intuitive sense of others, and compassion.

-I love to read. I'm constantly reading 4 types of work: 1. Professional Publications 2. Fiction 3. Self-Help Books 4. Poetry

-I'm a really good cook. In fact, my secret dream was always to do something with food. In the meantime, my friends and family are my tasting committee.

-I have 4 kids, two boys, and two girls. This should earn me a badge somewhere.

-I speak English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish

-I have dual nationalities from United States and France

-Because I'm well-traveled, I tend to understand different cultural nuances better than many

-My personality type is ENFJ



 -Are super ambitious and hard-working (building a dream means putting in the hours, not the mouth work)

 -Are laser-focused on achieving their dream, not dabbling in multiple different directions

-Are coachable and ready for feedback without letting their egos get in the way

-Are committed to selling (because every business owner is a salesperson)

-Invest in themselves because they know that is the path to success




-You want bespoke marketing and sales systems to grow

-You want your audience to start recognizing you and/or saying they've heard your name

-You want to see your numbers grow (email, inquiries, sales)

-You want to work less and have an exit strategy




Do this:

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Please don't....

-Pitch to me

-Ask me for a job (unless you are replying to a real job post)

-Ask me for flirts or anything nasty

-Ask me to write you a recommendation unless I know you well

-Ask me to introduce/refer you to someone unless I know you (use your best judgment)

-Join your MLM (I'm only interested in serious affiliate opportunities that align well with my brand and my audience)

-Write to me "how are you?"

-Ask me "to hop on a call" unless it is for one of these reasons

That's All, Folks! See you hopefully soon!



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