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As a B2B Business + Marketing Expert for 22 years, I completely pivoted from working with leading multi-million dollar companies like Apple and Google to single-member B2B service providers (Coaches, Consultants, and Small Business Owners).

Together, among other things, I can:

📍 audit your existing business

📍 audit and fix your LinkedIn

📍 help you design new or improve existing offers, to increase revenue and build more income streams

📍 polish or change entirely your brand messaging, especially your unique value proposition

📍 build high-converting marketing and sales funnels that deliver profits

📍 plan and execute new product launches and marketing campaigns

I can help you increase profits, reduce stress, and love your business (again).

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 My Marketing Philosophy

Good marketing as the act of connecting customers seeking a solution with the right company providing the right solution to make the world a better place.

My Business Super Powers 

  • I won multi-million dollar accounts to work with reputable clients such as Apple, HP, Gensler, Samsung, Google, and Lennar Urban on prestigious projects like the Apple Store Launches, multiple HP product releases, Google Glass, and more, beating out all other agencies in competitive bidding led by me.
  • I grew our 3-member agency from a self-funded "scrappy" startup to an 8 figure-boutique agency with a respected reputation in the Silicon Valley in only two years    
  • I led a global expansion to better serve our customers internationally by opening 4 offices worldwide    
  • I personally recruited and/or hired over 120 people in my time as a leader at the agency, both in-house and as contractors  
  • I am an Achiever so I don't quit and I love challenges  
  • One of my key strengths is the ability to think ahead to identify and spearhead strategic growth opportunities for my clients long before it is needed and this can fastrack their success
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My Top Values for Amazing Client Relationships

1) To develop services products that change the world for the better

While our individual missions will differ, we share the common goal of building a legacy around our businesses that will make the world a better place. Everything we do is for a positive outcome. We do not harm, deceive, or otherwise bring evil to any being directly or indirectly. We use our talents, knowledge, and read to spread good will to others. Doing good is a value. We give back to the planet, people, and invest financially into good causes with a portion of our profits when we generate enough wealth to do so.


2) To always put people first

We are for-profit businesses, but the entire focus is always on people. People include our customers, our audience, our employees, our partners, our families, our community, and ourselves. We will never take action that hurts people in any way. The well-being and best interest of people is always at the heart of all our business decisions and goals. We never compromise on this.


3) To show up (rain or shine) and put in the hard work

We know that consistency is key to success. Hard work is our core value and we are not afraid to go the extra mile to achieve our goals. On the contrary, we are enthusiastic and ready for the delayed gratification that comes as a reward to those who planted the seeds and sowed the fields, figuratively-speaking. We know the Harvest doesn't come quickly or for free.


4) To go until the finish line

We commit to our goals and see them out all the way. We are Finishers, not Flakes or Quitters. While circumstances or revelations may cause us to pivot, we never give up on our dreams or stop pursuing our goals. We are ready for the marathon, and don't plan on quitting until the finish line.


5) To make physical and mental health a business priority

We take care of our mental, physical, and spiritual health and make this a top priority alongside our business without any compromise. We acknowledge our mental well-being is paramount to our achievements and to avoid burnout, maintain clear thinking, for our creativity, and make smart decisions. We need our physical health to have the stamina required to build a business, the energy to work with others and meet the demands of our work, and the endurance to push through to new levels of productivity. Caring for our mind and body is a daily priority.

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How Much Does Coaching Cost?

We have everything from a-la-carte clarity sessions to monthly ongoing coaching so the answer is: it depends.

One thing is certain, however. If spending a budget of $5,000 minimum for serious coaching scares you, we are probably not a good fit.

Coaching Is An Investment In You 

If you see this as an expense, we are not a good fit. Every dollar I have invested into myself has yielded results.

Because you get out as much as you are willing to put in. No coach can "get you to the finish line."

A good coach will help you discover your own roadblocks and work to solve them.

Our role is to be your guide and supporter but not to carry you on our backs to the mountain top.

Only those who invest in themselves move upwards.

If you stop investing in yourself, you stop growing.

If you realize this and want to be the best business leader you can be, please book a call to see if we are a good fit.

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