Brand Messaging Is The Secret To Your Sales! 


My writing, storytelling, and communication skills have helped me build one 8-figure business, one 7-figure business, and is helping me build my third business right now, which I want to turn into an empire!  

Boost Your Following and Sales

First impressions matter. You have 3-5 seconds before a person decides if you have value.

Confused customers don't buy. If I keep seeing different messaging, I won't understand exactly what you do. And even if it is clear, you still aren't sales-ready because you need to stand out!

In this training, we cover:

-Your Founder Story and Mission

-Your Unique Value Proposition

-Your Brand Voice

We will discuss all of that and more!

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Zen Copy: The Magic Component To Boost Your Sales


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  • In this training, you will learn:

    • How to Tell Your Story
    • How to Become Irresistible to Your Clients
    • How to Position Your Brand
    • Discover Your Unique Brand Voice
    • Further Resources to Learn Great Copywriting

Never again let your copy fall flat. Learn to write amazing copy that your customers will love.

The level of your copy will reflect in the level of your sales.


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Hi, I'm Krista, Fractional CMO and Business Mentor.


I built two successful businesses and am currently working on my third.


 I am a master at social selling and have grown my LinkedIn to 65+k followers in under 2,5 years without bots or dubious tactics (100% organic growth) and 32+k subscribers to my weekly newsletter and be awarded the prestigious LinkedIn Top Voice.


I help brands become un-ignorable and teach new and growing entrepreneurs how to build profitable online businesses inside From Zero 2 Six Academy.


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