If You Are Frustrated That the Traditional Goal-Setting Doesn't Ever Stick, Keep Reading


Honest Question:

Can you say in all earnestness that you have succeeded at all New Year's resolutions, diets, exercise, and other goals you've attempted.
Many you are one of 'those' people but the majority of us can count off a million dreams that never bore fruit.
That's Because We've Been Sold A Lie.
"You Can Do It!" sounds great but motivation is not constant. 
Also, have you noticed most of the time, it is attached to buying a product?


The gurus were wrong:
- Creating a vision board
-Trying to manifest what you want
-Praying for something to happen
-Wanting something bad enough
-Checking your horoscope, or
- Writing down your goals
 While these things may comfort you on a psychological level, none of the above is the actual solution to achieving your goals!
How many times have you started something strong then fallen off the wagon?


Life gets in the way!
Life will boycott your success.
So will other people.
But the worst boycott of all is you and your inner critic.
That's why goal-setting is doomed in advance.
And deep down, you know it. Otherwise, you would have achieved all your goals once and for all.
Fix It Via My Course For $197

Hi, I'm Krista and I used to be a professional failure.


Maybe on the outside, others didn't see me this way, inside I kept failing all the time. For years, I struggled with goal-setting and second-guessing myself, going from the highs of progress to the lows of defeat. I had a terrible time staying consistent and thought habit change was pure torture.I kept investing and trying out different solutions and when they didn't work, I got angrier and more frustrated.Sometimes I blamed the methods or coaches but most of all, I blamed myself for not trying harder.

Until I figured out the true problem:

The card game was rigged. The arcade claw machine will never actually give me that toy I want. Life is unfair. Believing, hoping, and wishing was not working. Once I acknowledged that goal-setting was not the solution, something in me sighed a sigh of relief. Because I knew I could stop drinking the kool-aid and be free from trying again and again, only never to make it, yet told to 'try harder' or 'pray more'. And I committed to finding a better way of achieving success than the old goal setting myth.

Introducing ZenGoals, your anti-goal success formula to actually achieve your goals

This program is designed to help you: 


Stop failing your goals
Learn the habit hack that makes all the difference
Give you easy-to-follow systems that flow effortlessly (no grunt work or torture)
Create Sticky Goals on Autopilot Going Forward
Design a beautiful life for yourself

What's Inside ZenGoals



How to define your true life mission and vision 


Heal your past and unblock your mindset issues, especially your perception of success and failure


Set your monthly smart goals and weekly action plans for habit change


Pick your accountability partner(s) and build your success team

Don't Spend One More Day Trying To Achieve Your Goals the old way.

We Can Do Better.


You deserve this. Life is too short to waste one more year thinking "I'll try" or "This is good enough." or getting angry with yourself or others for another failed effort. 

If you are ready to abandon goal-setting to learn a better way to get what you want and live an extraordinary life, let's get started today.

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