Do You Wish You Could Achieve Focus And Get More Done?

Join If...


-You feel there aren't enough hours in the day

-You constantly feel stressed

-You are frustrated not to get enough done

-You don't consider yourself super productive

-You sign up for things but can't find time to finish them

-You regularly feel one step behind

-The progress you make year by year is not enough as you'd like

-You are tired of feeling like time is running away from you!


Did You Answer Yes to One or More of The Above? Then This  Program Is Designed For You!



Your Best Intentions and Goals Mean Much If You Don't Master Your Time!

We live in a world where everyone is too busy to get anything done. Productivity and busy-ness are the opposite. The most successful people are not especially busy. On the contrary, the goal is to work less and enjoy life more. Yes, this is possible. Join our training to learn how.


Time Flies When You Are Having Fun...And Even When You Aren't! 

If you want to take back charge of your time and feel less stressed and more fulfilled by your daily accomplishments, you are in the right place. Introducing Strategize, Step II in the From Zero 2 Six™️ Academy. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so why not make it the best 24 hours ever?

Take Back Your Time

I Once Burned Out Because...

I couldn't say 'no'. I was competing against the wrong people. I suffered from perfectionism. I measured my self worth against every accomplishment. I didn't want to let others down. And many more reasons! Now I help others learn a way to avoid all of that and still be successful...minus the overwhelm.           


What You'll Learn In This Course

Learn how to build a schedule that works and how to prioritize your tasks

Minimize distractions and procrastination

Find your work-life balance again!

Feel less stressed and more confident in your weekly work output

Double your productivity

A.M. Routine

Successful people have strong morning rituals


Productive Day

How to get more done in less time


Daily and Weekly Schedules

Learn how to work in your flow state

Don't Spend One More Day Not Taking Strategic Action Towards Your Best Life

You deserve this. Life is too short to waste one more year thinking "I'll try" or "This is good enough." 

If you are ready to live an extraordinary life, let's get started today. Carpe diem!



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