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LinkedIn Is a B2B Goldmine!

How I Used LinkedIn to Build a 7-Figure Consultancy

In 2017, I sold my shares of my brick and mortar agency business and headed out solo. I took a lot of time off (first long vacation in years) but by the end of 2017, I decided it was time to return to work. My first destination was LinkedIn™️, at first for job opportunities (and later for my new company). Read my story below ... 

Where I Started

-Approx. 700 followers, all from my old agency work
-Old profile related to my agency
-No content except for a couple of likes and shares
-Zero engagement (views, likes, or comments) on my profile
-No opportunities


Where I Am Now

-Over 65 000 followers
-Over 32 000 email subscribers from LinkedIn™️
-Grew my solo consultancy to 7 figures in revenue primarily from LinkedIn™️
-Millions of views on my profile and a ton of engagement
-A thriving business with regular inbound inquiries 



 Some of My LinkedIn™️ Stats

Now I Teach Other Business Owners How to Drive Their Sales Using LinkedIn™️

This Course Is Not Right For You If You Aren't Planning to Use LinkedIn™️ for Business

Who Should Not Take This Training 

 -You are on LinkedIn™️ NOT for business reasons

-You just want vanity metrics

-You are planning on spamming people

-You are flaky and won't follow through

-You want miracle results in 30 days or less

-You hate content and have no intention of posting 

Who Should Take This Training 

-You are on LinkedIn™️ for business reasons

-You want clients, not vanity

-You are a legitimate business person

-You take it serious and want to succeed

-You understand it will take time

-You commit to posting content on a regular schedule

About Your Instructor


After building my own startup from zero to 8-figures as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and 20+ yr in marketing, I have the answers you seek (and the battle scars to prove it). Come coach with me, and I'll get you back on the right track, with a clear plan to drive business and peace of mind that you will never struggle again. 

I designed this course for small business owners to learn a non-spammy approach to selling.

I coach and teach new and growing entrepreneurs how to build profitable online businesses. I use LinkedIn™️ to find B2B clients. If you want, I will teach you how too!

What Is Included In The LinkedIn™️ for Business Course

Up to 4 Hours of Content with Life-long Access

No rush since you have 24/7 access to all course materials without expiration date

6 Weeks of Live LinkedIn™️ 


Open to all enrollees. Learn about new features and updates. Bring your LinkedIn™️ business questions.


Exclusive Community on LinkedIn™️ for mutual support, questions, and more.

Join Today!

 Over $ 1,500 worth of value for only $300!


New Content Tips Added Regularly
Monthly Live Events
Life-Long Updates
Private Community 
Special Discounts
And Much More!

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1:1 session to cover all things LinkedIn™️, including your profile, your content, and your marketing or sales strategies   LinkedIn™️ Bootcamp. If you are using LinkedIn for business, this is the perfect course for you! After growing my own account to 65k+, I can definitely say I know how to succeed on LinkedIn™️. I'd love to share with you my best practices.