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If You Only Focus On The 5% of Your Prospects, You Are Missing Out On The 95%!

95% of prospects who discover you are not yet ready to buy at the time of discovery! So it isn't a sustainable business practice to only cater to the 5%! Especially since they may not want to buy...from you (yes, it is personal!!).

Where Are All The Clients Hiding? They are right in front of you, just not yet ready to buy! Stop ignoring them and start serving them.

Many entrepreneurs focus on waiting for the 'right fit', using a very narrow definition and ignoring everyone else. Then they wonder why they have such unstable and low sales!

Don't let that be you. Take action today to meet the customer where they are at on their buying journey so you can double your conversions.

Let's Do The Math 


Imagine you sell 10 $5,000 packages throughout the year =$50,000 USD. To make those sales, you need to get on 50 discovery calls or more, and send 500 DMs/cold emails or more. Plus, you aren't really growing your list. When someone ignores or ghosts you or says 'no', you lose. Some may even report you as spam or block you!  Alot of grunt work for this money! By the way, you can't even live off such you probably are either dependant on a spouse to support you or have to keep a day job.  Plus, your success revolves entirely around your sales skills.


Imagine you sell 25 small offers monthly for $197 plus 10 upsells for $375. This means you are consistently growing your email list and would make $104,100 USD if you can maintain this funnel. But since it is very automated (no sales calls or cold emailing), you have time to get on calls with 10% of your list who are vetted and pre-qualified to sell them those $5,000 packages. Since they already know, like, and trust you, you just closed 30 packages, adding an additional $150,000 USD to your annual revenue. Now, we are talking about you making at least $254,000 USD per year....without ever making a cold call! Plus, you didn't account for any cross-sells and additional smaller purchases clients may make throughout the year or the multiple referral and partner opportunities that can drive even more growth. You can be successful, whether or not you have strong sales skills, because it is easy to sell smaller ticket items without much effort.

Which Path Do You Choose: More or Less Effort? 

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💥  Day-by-Day Walk Thru: Learn the exact steps of creating your mini-launch. This is ideal for a workshop, challenge, or webinar but could also be used for a book or digital product.💥  

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You will learn exactly how you can have a successful online mini-launch (a workshop, a webinar, or a small digital product). The suggested goal is to make 1k (or more) in 10 days, but of course, this is up to you! Disclaimer: Your earnings are not guaranteed and depend on your offer and your audience. 


Coaches, consultants, freelancers, creatives, subject-matter experts, solopreneurs, and anyone who has a proven skill they master at an expert level and can monetize on and who are going to show up, put in the work, and have a great attitude and follow the steps without shortcuts or halfsies. 

You will find this training valuable whether this is your first launch or you already sell 1:1 services.


Anyone who doesn't have an expert skill they can monetize on, those who deeply believe they can't be successful or anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme or those who are too stubborn, arrogant, or lazy to follow the steps. Sorry, this program is NOT for everyone!

Hurry while this offer lasts since this price is too good to keep this low.


I'm Your Instructor, Krista Mollion

I've been an entrepreneur for almost 23 years. 

I run From Zero 2 Six Academy, where my mission is to teach aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs how to go from successful professional to successful single-member business owner via my program, The Solopreneur MBA.


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Then it is your lucky day because this is the perfect mini launch system!

This system works for you too! Because it is so streamlined and step-by-step, you will find it will enhance, streamline, and automate your processes to sell more. 

This training is 90 minutes long and walks you day by day through a sales process over 10 days to launch a product or service.

We have an action-takers satisfaction policy. If you submit coursework to show us you followed the steps, met all the pre-requisite requirements, and still didn't get results, we will offer you a full refund.

The training is recorded for your convenience to watch anytime. You will have lifetime access.


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